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Sensa, The World’s Most Comfortable pen, announces the release of the new “CLICK” Series featuring a newly designed push style release system.

The new Sensa CLICK series will feature our patented PLASMUM grip technology and will be offered in both our standard Brass Lacquered barrel finish as well a new “PLASMULOID” barrel option. Each version will be available in five unique and stunning offerings.

The new Sensa “CLICK” PLASMULOID Collection consists of specially selected acrylics exclusive to the Sensa brand.

Each Sensa CLICK pen is made from solid brass which is then lacquer coated to perfection.  A Sensa FEELWRITE Ball Point refill is included with each pen. A milled silver-plated pen top with the Sensa logo completes each pen. All Sensa Pens are carefully weight balanced and then fitted with the new and improved Patented Plasmium ® grip.

 Originally introduced in 1995, Sensa pens required ten years of research and development in order to create a pen that would reduce the cramping that is usually associated with long periods of writing. Setting out to design the world’s most comfortable pen, required consultation with ergonomic specialists and researchers to perfect the weight and balance for this unique writing instrument. The finished product is the Sensa pen that we proudly reintroduce for today’s modern writer.

 The New Sensa CLICK pens feature our updated and improved PLASMIUM Infused gel grip that molds to the user’s fingers to reduce cramping that normally occurs during extended notetaking or composition by up to 50%.

 The new Sensa CLICK Series combines Function with fashion creating a truly stylish writing instrument for the world’s most comfortable writing experience.  Comfort and ease while writing is only one CLICK away with the new Sensa CLICK Series.