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The New SENSA® “Ancient World Limited Edition Collection

Sensa, The World’s Most Comfortable pen, proudly announces the release of the New Ancient World Collection

The Sensa Ancient World Collection consists of three unique pen models which pay homage to the Ancient Cities of Rome, Athens and Luxor whose contribution to our world’s culture, art and history has been documented through the vast archeological discoveries which continue to astonish the world today.

Each Sensa Ancient World model features its own specially colored lacquered barrel design depicting the famous archeological wonders and artwork unique to each these Ancient cities. 

A Gold plated clip combined with a Gold colored Plasmium grip enhance the beauty of each Ancient World pen

 Originally introduced in 1995, The Sensa PLASMIUM technology took over ten years of research and development to create the product known today as the world’s most comfortable pen.

The new Sensa Ancient World Collection is a stunning tribute to the ancient cities of the world which combines function in a new stylish Sensa pen design.