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THE NEW SENSA Van Gogh Collection

The New Sensa VAN GOGH Collection  is a stunning tribute to the work of Vincent Van Gogh, one of the finest artists to ever put paint to brush.  Each Van Gogh  Ball Point model features a specially created lacquered barrel which represents one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most stunning paintings.  Van Gogh, the artist used dark and bright colors in such a way as to affect the viewer’s emotions.  Considered one of the greatest painters of the modern era, his paintings continue today to inspire artists in all genres.

The initial Sensa Van Gogh Collection releases pay homage to his paintings “Starry Night” and “Red Vineyard”.  Each stunning lacquered barrel incorporates the same color palette used by Van Gogh to bring out the visual emotion from the painting on to each pen barrel.

 The Van Gogh Collection features our new CLICK release writing system and features the new and improved PLASMIUM grip technology.  The New Sensa Van Gogh Collection combines Function with fashion creating a truly stylish writing instrument for the world’s most comfortable writing experience.  

Comfort and ease while writing is only one CLICK away with the new Sensa Van Gogh Collection.

MSRP $80.00


SVGSN01- Sensa Van Gogh Starry Nights BP

SVGRV01-Van Gogh Red Vineyards BP