The Sensa Steamboat Willie " Circa 1928" Limited Edition


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The SENSA® STEAMBOAT WILLIE "Circa 1928” Limited Edition 


TAKE A BOAT RIDE WITH STEAMBOAT WILLIE...Sensa, The World’s Most Comfortable pen, proudly announces the release of the Steamboat Willie “Circa 1928” Limited Edition honoring the iconic character whose first appearance in 1928 delighted fans and set the standard for movie animation
With his ever-present optimism and sense of adventure, the character became a beacon of hope during tough times. The joy he brought into living rooms transcended the screen, becoming a cherished part of many people’s lives.
The Sensa Steamboat Willie “Circa 1928” Limited Edition has been carefully produced with a special 1920-style vintage cream lacquered barrel, each embossed with the Iconic original 1928 image of Steamboat Willie steering his boat. Every pen utilizes our famous Sensa patented Plasmium ® grip, making it the world’s most comfortable writing instrument. Limited to 280 individually numbered Ball Point Pens, The Steamboat Willie “Circa 1928” Limited Edition is a stunning tribute to the Iconic Character who transformed animation and has thrilled audiences for generations.

The Steamboat Willie Limited Edition Pen is manufactured, distributed, marketed, and sold solely by Harpen Brand Holdings, LLC and has no association or relationship with the Disney Company or any of its affiliates.